Who we are

Confederation of Educational
Institutions of India

Confederation of Educational Institutions of India is the leading not-for-profit Confederation in the national education space with a mission to support communities, industries and governments through the promotion of global knowledge, learning, research, education and training initiatives. To this effect, through various of its endeavors and programmes, the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India remains passionate about ensuring that information and knowledge are disseminated without restrictions of any kind, throughout civil society, industry and the government.

Our mission

To help build a better world

Education has the power to revolutionise and transform lives of human beings and the world. And this is precisely why the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India is passionately committed to fostering learned and capable humanistic responsible young global leaders through developing and providing life-transforming, empowering, value-creating educational programmes and experiences to the individuals, educators, institutions, businesses, governments, societies. We partner with world’s leading colleges and universities to provide students with knowledge, skills and critical-real world experiences relevant to them.

Our vision

An educated world

We see ourselves as the most trusted, reliable and contributive leader in the education arena to help individuals, businesses, organisations and communities achieve their excellence.

Our values

Shared mission
Shared vision
Shared struggle and
Shared prosperity

Our values drive us. They are fundamental beliefs of our organisation, which define our purpose of existence and the role each one of us play in bringing a transformation in the world and lives of every individual through our actions, behaviours and and deliverables.
EXCELLENCE: We will passionately strive to achieve excellence in all our undertakings
RESPONSIBILITY: We will take complete ownership to create a better world for our future generations
PURPOSE: We will put purpose before profit for our stakeholders
INTEGRITY: We will be honest and ethical in all our actions & behaviour