Careers, Consulting Opportunities

Confederation of Educational Institutions of India has a growing requirement for people committed to excellence in their respective fields. The Confederation offers full-time and part-time careers as well as independent consulting positions in absolutely thrilling and exciting areas that have the potential to expose you to world-class professionalism and culture. With its wide and ever expanding reach, the Confederation encourages people across functions, experience and geographies to apply to the Confederation.

While the Confederation regularly publishes open positions on relevant government websites, employment portals and newspapers, you can directly apply to the Confederation giving a broad description of the areas where you would wish to be associated with the Confederation.

If you believe that you wish to be part of one of India’s most youthful and professional organisations, at the cutting edge of global and social performance, and if you wish to interact with some of the world’s leading institutions, management professionals, government representatives and industry/functional experts to transform the national education, training, learning, information and knowledge space, please email your CV to Don’t forget to include a covering letter, mentioning the area where you would wish to contribute, and whether you wish to join us a full-time/part-time employee or consultant.

The Confederation’s human resources department takes care to analyse each and every application with absolute diligence; so you will hear from us, irrespective of the position for which you may have applied.