Dr. Vijay Datta




Modern School, Barakhamba Road

Award Category

CEII Most Instructional Leadership Excellence 2019-20 Award

Each child is unique and hence, one size doesn’t fit all…

Trailblazers amongst the Indian Schools

Dr. Vijay Datta, Principal, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, President’s National Awardee, Shiksha Ratan, has done Educational Leadership Programme from University College of London. With almost three decades of experience in the Public-School circuit, a major part of this was at Mayo College Ajmer. He was instrumental in bringing the concepts of life skills to the country besides propagating the idea of emotional intelligence and scientific attitude. Under his leadership, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, was the proud recipient of the Jury’s Choice Award – India’s Best School for exemplary contributions in the field of education. Dr. Datta is also a proud recipient of the ‘National Award to the Principal’ on behalf of Mr Ramnath Kovind, the President of India, in recognition of Dr. Vijay Datta’s valuable services to the community as an educator of outstanding merit. He has also been conferred with the prestigious, ‘Principal of the Year Award,’ by Indo British Business Forum, London and the Award of Leadership for being an exemplary Educational Leader in the British Parliament, London, United Kingdom in 2018; and also decorated with the Army Commander’s Commendation for Distinguished Service. 

CEII: We see the emergence of many international schools and providing Cambridge and IB curriculum. Please share Modern School’s perspective on the same.
Dr. Vijay Datta: Modern School has always been a leader in the field of education in India. It has always been a pioneer and I feel that the CBSE is doing a good job of keeping pace with the times. Our students not only do well in the institutes of the country but also abroad. So many of our students have been accepted to the Ivy League Colleges in the past and present and have made a mark for themselves all around the globe. Our school has worked closely with the CBSE. We continue to give inputs to ensure that CBSE is second to none.

CEII: What are the key initiatives taken by Modern School to ensure an over-all development in students?
Dr. Vijay Datta: Ours is a learner centric school, both for the students as well as the faculty. We strongly believe in experiential learning and some of the few pedagogical practices that we have dovetailed in our learning are the visit to the Science Park on the campus, BALA for photographic memory, Flipped Classes to encourage learning beyond textbooks, Reflection Sheets, Apply It Now, hub activities through Srjna and so many others. I also believe that each child is unique and thus, differentiated learning has been introduced that keeps pace with the learning needs of each child, rather than delivering ‘one size fits all’ lessons. Positive use of technology is encouraged and the teachers are encouraged to keep pace with the pedagogical innovations to make learning relevant and enjoyable.

CEII: How do you think the role of school principal has changed in present times?
Dr. Vijay Datta: The role of the Principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system. Being a sportsperson, I always draw analogy from the sports team, where the captain strategises and keeps the team together to ensure victory. Same is done on the school campus. A Principal has to immerse himself into all aspects of the school system and lead from the front. I care deeply about the success of students and my faculty, not only where their professional life is concerned but also as a human being, which I feel is the most important aspect of providing education.

CEII: The greatest thing about Modern is…
Dr. Vijay Datta: Modern School has many things that are great. Like I said earlier, Modern has been a pioneer in the field of education, be it the education of girl child- ours was the first school which encouraged the assimilation of boys and girls and gave them equal opportunities, in Sports- the school has been No.1 in sports for ages and we have produced quite a few famous sportspersons, be it Gautam Gambhir, Ronjan Sodhi, Samaresh Jang and others; it was the only school to have horse riding on the campus in those times, which we have reintroduced after the gap of 32 years. Recently, the school received the much-coveted Round Square Conference membership, which in fact, we are the first school in Delhi-NCR to receive. Other schools look up to us for ideas and I hope we continue to be the trailblazers in the next century too.