Rima Singh


Head Of School


DPS International School, Gurugram

Award Category

CEII Outstanding Digital School 2019-2020

Each child’s uniqueness is celebrated and point of view is valued

Committed to develop compassionate, ethical and global citizens…

  Ms. Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International School, Gurugram has combined experience of more than two decades in teaching and school administration in the United Arab Emirates and India. Rima, an awardee of The Golden Leaf Award for the Diploma in Environmental Education from the Centre for Environment Education affiliated to Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver in 2007, has been associated with the International Baccalaureate for over 15 years and has received extensive training by IB for understanding and implementing all the IB Programmes. Her rich experience to the IB curriculum has empowered her with diverse and cutting edge approaches to become an accomplished academic administrator. She has initiated many projects in school to bring in experiential educational opportunities beyond classrooms and also promotes effective usage of technology in school education. Her extensive travel to different countries has enabled her to visit many renowned schools. This has helped broaden her perspective of different education systems and equipped her with skills to meet the demands and rising challenges in the field of education. Her ideal school is one where every child, teacher and support staff member is encouraged to develop and grow.

  CEII:In the journey to date, what are the key differentiators of the school that have made it stand out? Ms. Rima Singh: DPS International has a vision to offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life. · High levels of academic instructions are a part of the school’s mission and information technology skills are integrated into course work through all grades. · An excellent teaching staff offers a safe, supportive and caring environment through which children are given opportunities to learn and grow in a range of stimulating and meaningful contexts. · The learning process is experiential and fun filled which builds on student’s prior knowledge. · Each child’s uniqueness is celebrated and point of view is valued. The well planned curriculum helps children expand their curiosity and imagination. · Co-curricular activities complement the student’s academic programme, thus developing a balanced education for each student helping him/her discover personal talents and interests.

  CEII: DPS International Edge has a technology-oriented environment, with the school campus as an online knowledge hub. There is constant debate on how much access to technology in the present times should we provide to students - as it comes with both its pros and cons. Please share school's perspective on the same. How does DPS International Edge achieve the learning outcomes and draw a balance at the same time? Ms. Rima Singh: Our students are using technology for learning, working, innovating, creating, responding, problem-solving, problem-posing, socializing and playing. Keeping this in mind, the educators at DPSI are constantly finding innovative ways to redesign curriculum, looking for opportunities to provide these learners with relevant and contemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology The aim is to equip these learners with skills for an increasingly connected and fast moving world. For technology to contribute positively to students’ learning experiences, DPSI has put together: policies, long-term planning, clear goals and concrete support measures. Coordinating the curriculum, providing on-going support, appropriate infrastructure and engaging in appropriate professional development helps technology play a significant role in contributing to positive, productive learning experiences for all students and teachers at DPSI. Students at DPSI are empowered to be responsible for their actions, to value others’ rights and to practise safe and legal behaviours. There school recognises a strong need to formally teach new skills – information literacy and visual literacy. Students and teachers are taught about online etiquette, online safety and the hazards of cyber-bullying and how to successfully and safely navigate the digital world. There is an Acceptable User Policy which is shared with students and parents. Appropriate attitudes and behaviours concerning the use of ICT are also modelled within the school community.

  CEII: There is also a growing emphasis on fostering students as global citizens. What are the school's thoughts on the same and please highlight a few initiatives taken by DPS International Edge in the direction? Ms. Rima Singh: DPSI aims to develop a joyful community of lifelong learners who are culturally-rooted and internationally-minded. The school also recognises that there are many universal experiences that make us human, experiences shared by all cultures on the planet. This has been possible under the various school activities initiated by the school such as student exchanges, overseas trips, participation in evets, international visitors at school and receiving the British Council International School Award (ISA). Through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum offered, the school explores and celebrates cultural differences in a nurturing and multi-cultural educational environment to foster global citizenship, helping students grow as individuals with critical thinking skills necessary to improve their world. Internationalism and open-mindedness are innate in our school and students and staff form friendships and relationships with people from all over the world. We believe in educating the whole child—their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, cultural and creative selves. By exposing students to languages, literature and world history, the IB curriculum raises global citizens and fosters international awareness. We encourage expression through maintaining home languages, fostering fluency in English and offering opportunities to learn other language.

  CEII: The greatest thing about my school is... Ms. Rima Singh: All members of the school community, the staff and students are motivated and firmly believe in life-long learning