Scholarship & Endowment Support

How to apply for CEII scholarships; how to set up an endowment


In its endeavour to promote training, education and academic excellence, for both advantaged and disadvantaged communities, the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India regularly receives applications from institutions, individuals and corporations for scholarship support and ergo attempts to regularly disseminate considerable amounts of scholarships each year to selected entities and individuals.

The selections of awardees are conducted on an as-is-where-is basis by the Confederation’s Executive Board, which comprises some of the most respected representatives from the various sections of industry and academia that the Confederation supports. Academic excellence, passion for education, applicant’s background and future objectives are the four key parameters taken into account by the Confederation’s Executive Board while selecting prospective scholarship awardees. Awardees may have diverse backgrounds and social profiles, from corporate executives & government employees to students & faculties, from disadvantaged communities to displaced individuals, and others.

If you believe that you require scholarship support from the Confederation of Educational Institutions of India, or if you represent an institution which requires scholarship support for its students, and would wish to apply for the same, write to requesting for the “CEII Scholarship Covenant”. Please provide a very brief summary of your (or your institution’s) background while sending the email.

Endowments, Chairs & Research Grants

The Confederation of Educational Institutions of India provides a platform to institutions, corporations, governments and individuals for setting up endowments, chairs and research grants at either the Confederation or highly respected educational and research institutions across India. The Confederation manages the donated grant throughout the lifecycle of the programme and ensures that the objectives for which the said grant has been donated, are met to the donor’s satisfaction.

The endowments and grants received by the Confederation are in diverse areas, with discrete objectives, in wide geographies and functions, and targeted at diverse communities.

If you or your institution wishes to set up an endowment/chair/research grant, write to requesting for details. Please provide a very brief summary of your (or your institution’s) background while sending the email.