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We at Genesis are looking at, to chart out a course for every child – what he or she can achieve in life, much beyond just academic domains

The Prime Focus Is On Helping Every Child Achieve Excellence

Mr. Ajay Singh, Principal, Genesis Global School, an educationist since past two decades, is an alumnus of Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi. A UGC-NET Scholar, he earned his ranks at Mayo College Ajmer, one of the finest Boarding Schools in the Country. He made his mark as a Teacher, Counsellor, University Advisor, Hockey Supervisor, Quiz Master and eventually a House Master. He joined Genesis Global School, Noida as the Dean of Residences and currently is the Principal of the National Curriculum. As a pedagogical leader, he strives to ensure that every child manages to achieve his or her potential. He is connected to the students intricately given his passion for debating and quizzing. He is known for his public speaking and love for reading. As a go getter he is always pushing his students to realise their full functioning abilities and become valuable citizens in a global world.  

CEII: In the journey to date, what are the key differentiators of the school that have made it stand out?
Mr. Ajay Singh: At Genesis, the prime focus is on helping every child achieve his/her excellence, not only in terms of academic results but also in all other spheres. The other feather in the hat is the school’s focus on inclusivity. We are an inclusive school where, even a special needs’ child is a part of the class. Their progress is not documented in terms of marks scored; rather it’s a journey where they chart out their own path, bringing out their unique potential. For instance, one of our special needs’ students is today a filmmaker and has just made a short movie. This is exactly what we at Genesis are looking at, to chart out a course for every child – what he or she can achieve in life, much beyond just academic domains.  

CEII: How does the school manage the academic requirements of different programs, from Cambridge to CBSE to International Baccalaureate?
Mr. Ajay Singh: That’s interesting; our school is a very complex school, offering a wide range of curriculums. Initially, we had many teachers providing and supporting each of the specialised curriculums. Gradually, we successfully streamlined our academic processes. Today, we have dedicated Principals for each curriculum stream and the teachers in each of these streams can now focus on their particular domain vis-à-vis earlier when they were part of more than one curriculum.  

CEII: Please highlight a few initiatives taken by Genesis for student development.
Mr. Ajay Singh: In one of our key initiatives, we help students develop business acumen right from Grade 9. Students come up with their detailed business plans, role-playing as CEOs, marketing heads, finance heads etc. We review their plans, in some cases even sanction loans, assisting students in bringing their ideas to fruition in a span of around two years, at the end of which they return the loan with interest. Profit is theirs. They have done some interesting work in social domains too. We also have platforms where children get engaged for a full year. One such area is social service, which is a prime mover in our school. For example, students engage with cancer patients and old-age homes, learning to be sensitive to society, at the same time gaining academically. We also have a special focus on sports, ensuring the child has sporting excellence. Presently, the current national champion in badminton is from our school. We are developing initiatives so that our students pass out with varied skill sets and not only academic excellence. These skill sets will make them 21st century experts. 

CEII: The greatest thing about my school is.....
Ajay Singh: There are many, but the greatest thing is the approachability – anybody and everybody in the school can reach out to any stakeholder and that’s what makes us unique. One may simply walk in and meet the Principal and discuss the solutions to problems.